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Internal podcasts can revitalize engagement and reach employees other media can't.


Mon Jul 01 2024


Internal podcasts can revitalize engagement and reach employees other media can't.

Have you considered adding a podcast to your organization's employee development and engagement strategy?


There are, after all, numerous reasons for doing so, as Shannon Martin explains in "Internal Podcasts From A to Z." Many employees are short of time and can listen to a podcast much more conveniently than they can read a newsletter. Podcasts also encourage connection, as employees listen to an episode and then discuss what they heard with their colleagues.

While internal podcasts can have many advantages, creating one is a complex process, one that needs a team. Brainstorm title ideas with your team. The title can be clever, Martin says, but it should also be clear and descriptive.

When strategizing podcast development, Martin advises contemplating these questions as well.

  • What are your goals for a podcast, and what does success look like?

  • Who is your audience—a particular group of employees, a department, or the entire organization?

  • What does the audience's regular workday look like?

  • What tools do learners currently use and have access to?

  • What format will you use (such as interview style or a lone voice)?

  • Will you interview internal employees or leaders?

  • How frequently will you publish episodes?

  • Once you have recorded and edited the podcast, how will you distribute and promote it (such as via the intranet or email)?

These tips were adapted from the July 2024 issue of TD at Work. Learn more at td.org/TDatWork.

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