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Cold Course


Tue Nov 01 2005


The article presents information on strategies that employee trainers can adopt for teaching purchased materials. Teaching the information is not always as easy. While there are many ways to prepare for a class, the definition of preparing doesn't change. Regardless of individual style, being prepared means knowing what comes next and how to facilitate, determining what questions will help participants understand the material, identifying what questions they are likely to ask, and having relevant examples ready. An overview sheet is a useful tool for capturing the information in the material in an at-a-glance fashion. The goal of facilitators is to help participants reach an "a-ha" moment. Two vital tools for achieving that are discussion questions and activities. So, one should not forget to read the questions in the guide, which are generally written for a broad audience. After facilitating a class, most of the trainers can pinpoint the things they would do differently. But, rehearsing aloud gives them a chance to find out what they can change or improve before they get in front of a group. It also helps them to discover which sentences and ideas can serve as cues for the next.

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Cold Course


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