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Committed for the Long Haul

A review of Employalty: How to Ignite Commitment and Keep Top Talent in the New Age of Work by Joe Mull.


Fri Jun 30 2023


Employalty: How to Ignite Commitment and Keep Top Talent in the New Age of Work

By Joe Mull


Page Two, 296 pp., $17.95

Mull boldly claims that in the global labor market, there is not a shortage of workers, but rather a shortage of great jobs. In Employalty, he challenges leaders at all levels and across industries to create jobs and cultures that drive employee commitment, a stark difference from the traditional work-place where employers inherently expect employee commitment.

Mull's approach is research-based and anecdotal, but most importantly, it is a practical and actionable framework intended to create destination workplaces that today's job seekers desire.

Before diving into the framework, Mull explains where the US workforce is and where it is headed. While many people attribute the current job market to a postpandemic era and the Great Resignation, Mull attributes it to the "Great Upgrade," a term coined by White House economist Bharat Ramamurti, which has been happening for the past decade as tired workers look for jobs that improve their quality of life.

Employers need to understand that they no longer have the luxury of looking for the best person for a job; instead, it is up to employers to design the best job for potential applicants.


Following Mull's framework enables employees to perform their ideal job, provide meaningful work, and execute it for a great boss. Mull dives into each of those three areas to paint a clear picture of how his framework comes together: He highlights the importance of balancing compensation, workload, and flexibility to create the ideal job. He identifies purpose, strengths, and belonging as the three dimensions of doing meaningful work. Lastly, he brings those aspects together through the support of a great manager who engages in coaching, trust, and advocacy. The framework generates employee commitment, winning teams, and successful organizations.

Employalty provides great insight into the past, present, and future of the employee experience and acts as a practical guide. From assessing the current state of their organization to creating action plans to attract and retain top talent, this book is a resource for leaders at all levels, in all industries, and within organizations of all sizes.

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