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Cool Tool: Crowdsignal

Increase learner engagement with the online tool Crowdsignal.


Thu Feb 01 2024


Increase learner engagement with the online tool Crowdsignal, which gets its name from signals: the responses users collect from polls, ratings, votes, claps, or questions in a survey or quiz.

With a free subscription, users can receive up to 2,500 signals and an unlimited number of questions, surveys, polls, and ratings. Once signed up, subscribers can create interactive forms in just a few minutes, then export the data to Microsoft Excel, Google Docs, or Google Sheets, or export it as a PDF.


The platform has two ways to increase feedback flow. First, respondents can take different paths through surveys with conditional branching, which offers questions to each respondent based on their individual answers. Second, the tool enables users to embed surveys on their websites with forms or interactive pop-ups.

The application's CAPTCHA protections and password, IP, and email restrictions limit double voting and spam.

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