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Cool Tool: InsertLearning

Turn any webpage into an interactive lesson.


Thu Nov 01 2018


Turn any webpage into an interactive lesson. No, really.

InsertLearning (formerly DocentEDU) is an extension you can add to your Firefox browser for free. Start with a webpage of any kind, then highlight text, add discussion notes, or embed your own questions or other content such as videos and images.


Once you have chosen your content, decide what you want to add from the InsertLearning toolbar options. There are four key types of interactivity you can add to spice up content or help learners retain relevant information:

  • Embed questions (either multiple-choice or open-ended) that learners can answer right on the page.

  • Add highlighting to give learners a visual guide to important information, and you can use multiple highlight colors on a single page.

  • Use digital sticky notes to present directions for the assignment, add anecdotes, remind learners to pause and reflect on what they are reading, or link to other resources.

  • Embed videos by using the sticky note feature. Just click on the sticky note icon and paste in a YouTube link or the embed code from another video provider.

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