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Cool Tool: Merlin AI

A 26-in-1 artificial intelligence browser extension.


Mon Jul 01 2024


A 26-in-1 artificial intelligence browser extension, Merlin AI is a productivity assistant that brings convenience to your fingertips, enabling users to access the tool's chatbot on any website. The application can condense lengthy articles, create engaging LinkedIn posts, compose professional emails, and even summarize YouTube videos.

Individuals can download the extension for free (which includes 102 queries per day) and use it to repurpose existing content or generate new content ideas if they encounter writer's block. Merlin AI makes it easy to create content, such as training materials or presentation slides. Users also can generate replies for email and social media websites such as X (formerly known as Twitter).


If a user is in the initial research phase of a project, Merlin AI works directly within search engines to provide up-to-date, AI-powered information on each web search.

Note that when using AI tools, make sure not to upload anything proprietary or confidential; to clear the tool with appropriate staff (such as legal and IT); and to check any generated content for bias and accuracy.

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