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Cool Tool: RescueTime

It’s difficult to stay laser-focused on the tasks at hand for seven or eight hours, but this app can help you stay accountable.


Fri Mar 31 2023


No one is productive for every second of the workday. According to a recent Forbes article, nearly one-third of employees waste around 30 minutes each day. It's difficult to stay laser-focused on the tasks at hand for seven or eight hours, but RescueTime can help you stay accountable.

Install the app on whichever device you use for work. Then it will automatically track the programs you use, the websites you visit, and the files you open. The RescueTime "assistant" also tracks your progress toward a personalized daily work goal. If you get distracted looking at social media or another nonwork website for too long, the app sends a notification with suggestions on how to get back on track. An end-of-the-day report helps you see how you have used your time.


While the app's core functionality is available in the free version, as a paid subscriber, you can set a focus session when you have an especially important project that requires more concentration. During a focus session, the app blocks distracting websites and tracks your work. When your session is over, RescueTime sends a report on how you did over the focus session.

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