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Cool Tool: Wheel Decide

This free online spinner tool helps with customized decision making.


Tue Nov 01 2022


You know that awkward silence that takes over a room when a facilitator asks someone in the course to volunteer for a role-playing exercise or to share their thoughts on a particular issue? With Wheel Decide, you can avoid the uncomfortable experience of watching grown adults shrink in their seats.

This free online spinner tool helps with customized decision making. For example, you can add each learner's name to the digital wheel and spin to pick a person at random to answer a question. During a training course, use the wheel to choose the next discussion topic for a roundtable activity. Or if a trivia game is a part of the instruction, spin to select the next category of questions.


Meanwhile, managers can use the wheel to randomly assign teams for a special project. And organizational administrators can create prize wheels for the next company-wide event. Wheel Decide has no biases, so the choice will always be fair.

Professionals can even use the wheel to help direct their own productivity. Sometimes deciding what task to do next can feel daunting, especially when everything is a priority. Create a wheel with all the items on your to-do list, and spin to determine which task to tackle. Go to wheeldecide.com to get started.

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