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Disrupt Yourself

The Disrupt Yourself Podcast aims to give listeners new insights into how to work, learn, and live.


Thu Feb 01 2024


The idea behind Whitney Johnson's book, Disrupt Yourself: Putting the Power of Disruptive Innovation to Work, is a simple one: Disruptors make necessary noise by filling a need nobody else has filled. The book was so popular that Johnson started a podcast of the same name.

The weekly Disrupt Yourself episodes explore Johnson's passion for disruption. The podcast aims to give listeners—whether a self-starter, a high-potential employee, a manager, or a leader—new insights into how to work, learn, and live as she hosts other disruptors across various industries.


Johnson's guests over more than 350 episodes and 2 million downloads include authors and speakers Brené Brown (one of the podcast's most streamed episodes) and Simon Sinek.

In an episode featuring James Dixon, author of Absolute Motivation, Dixon highlights the importance of revealing your scars and finding strength through adversity; he shares his own struggle with a prosthetic leg. Another episode features Becoming Coachable co-authors Jacquelyn Lane and Scott Osman discussing how to receive the hard truths that come with good coaching.

Other topics Johnson has explored include tips for avoiding burnout, curiosity, the truth about top thinkers, and appreciating the HR function.

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