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Employee Productivity Unlocked

It’s all about human connections.


Fri Dec 30 2022

Employee Productivity Unlocked

It's all about human connections.

Productivity is essential to businesses, so what drives it, and how can employers develop a productive workforce? For its report How Much Is Human Connection Really Worth?, Enboarder researched the role human connections play in creating productive environments. Of the 1,000 US-based employees surveyed, 94 percent said they are more productive when they feel connected to colleagues.


"Relationships are so important to our sense of connection at work; they are the building blocks of any successful organization," says Brent Pearson, founder and CEO of Enboarder, an employee communication and workflow platform. "The work you do to foster relationships and connection drives business results. This survey found connected employees are twice as likely to believe their workplace is innovative and feel motivated to go above and beyond."

The report reveals that employees who feel connected are more satisfied with their jobs, more likely to strongly agree the workplace is collaborative, more apt to go above and beyond, and more willing to recommend the company to others. What's the source of those connections? Two-thirds of respondents said their co-workers are the top influencers, followed by their managers, leadership, and then HR. However, while colleagues and managers can create a sense of connection, their personalities and work styles, as well as managers' passivity or unsupportiveness, can lead to disconnects.

"In a time when there is low unemployment and high employee turnover, it's crucial that organizations create better human connections across their team, inviting engagement and building alignment along every step of the employee experience—from onboarding to learning and development, performance management, career growth, organizational change, and every moment and milestone along the way," says Pearson.

The report encourages employers to focus on connections, engagement, and growth. They can start by embracing the office as a place for relationship and community building. More than half of respondents who are hybrid or work in the office full time said the top benefit of going into the workplace is fostering stronger relationships.

Also, think beyond virtual events.


Two-thirds of full-time remote employees reported feeling disconnected, and 18 percent said there aren't enough company-sponsored activities. Among all respondents, the top two activities they say boost connections are team meetings and one-on-one meetings with their managers. They also cited skill sharing with colleagues and impromptu in-office interactions.

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