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Enter the Green-Collar Workforce

ATD’s 2024 Talent Development Innovation Award winner bridges the gap between innovative research and the industry’s growing need for highly skilled professionals.


Fri Jun 14 2024

Enter the Green-Collar Workforce

For more than 50 years, the Taiwan-based Industrial Technology Research Institute has been at the forefront of technological advancement and industrial development. ITRI College has served as the institute's primary educational and talent development organization, and it operates as the Taiwanese government's Talent Development Think Tank.

The primary responsibility of ITRI College—which has earned ATD's 2024 Talent Development Innovation Award—is to bridge the gap between the institute's innovative research and the industry's growing need for highly skilled professionals. The college has been instrumental in equipping students with the skills and knowledge they need in the evolving workforce through specialized training programs such as information and communication technology, biotechnology, smart machinery, and green technology.


ITRI College has developed customized training solutions for more than 900 corporations and institutions throughout Taiwan—including industry leaders, such as Giant Bicycles, Cathay Financial Holdings, and Fortune Electric Company, and academic institutions such as National Cheng Kung University. Through those endeavors, the college's influence extends beyond the corporate sector, affecting more than 300,000 individuals through social education and technology-centric philanthropy.

"By covering a broad spectrum of critical sectors, including environmental sustainability and leadership in technology management, ITRI College not only bolsters the professional capacity of its participants but also plays a significant role in advancing the overall industry in alignment with the evolving demands of the global market and ITRI's strategic objectives," says Yi-Chun Chou, general director of ITRI College.

One way the college has done so is by establishing the Net Zero and Sustainability School, which has made significant strides in addressing ITRI's TD imperatives—specifically in the context of global environmental standards and Taiwan's commitment to those standards.

"This initiative is a testament to the proactive approach in fostering a workforce adept in the principles of sustainability and net-zero emissions, crucial for the contemporary industrial landscape," Chou explains.

Last year, the Net Zero Sustainable Environmental, Social, and Governance training program conducted a comprehensive investigation into net-zero pathways and the requisite green talent in Europe and the US. The college pinpointed pivotal green skills pertinent to Taiwan, including such roles as energy efficiency diagnosticians, carbon neutrality managers, and energy conservation engineers.


ITRI College took that information and developed professional certification courses tailored to those specialized domains to cultivate a "green collar" workforce.

The Net Zero and Sustainability School initiative is a prime example of the college's commitment to addressing the challenges of a green economy. The complimentary social education initiative offers an extensive suite of 62 distinct courses and saw cumulative attendance reach 82,400 across the entire series. Professionals take between two weeks and two months to complete the certifications, with the college issuing more than 430 professional certifications to date.

"Last year, ITRI College reinforced its commitment to sustainable innovation and talent development through several strategic actions," says Chou. "The college championed innovation by investing in applied research projects, fostering a culture of continuous innovation."

The college's 2023 efforts reinforced its commitment to integrate sustainable practices into professional development and upskilling talent to meet the challenges of a green economy.

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