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Falling Short


Sat Oct 01 2005


This article reports that just 48 percent of human resource (HR) professionals in the U.S. surveyed recently by the Society for Human Resource Management agree that their organization effectively identifies employees' development needs. In addition, only 49 percent of the HR professionals agree that their organization effectively identifies high-potential employees, while only 44 percent agree that the organization is effective in helping those high-potential employees develop. The results, from a survey of 248 people who were randomly selected from SHRM's membership, show that there is much work to do. The respondents to the SHRM study reported that 65 percent of organizations often assign employee development opportunities informally as opposed to effectively identifying needs, identifying high-potential employees, effectively developing employees, and aligning development with business goals. Only 57 percent of organizations are using apprenticeships or internships, which SHRM found surprising given the methods' high ROI. Apprenticeships are deemed by SHRM as cost-effective and low-risk methods of identifying people with high potential. Formal coaching is used by only 55 percent of organizations, despite its high return-on-investment.

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Falling Short


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