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Published Fri Jul 01 2005


The article focuses on industry experts' thoughts on centralized training. Geary Rummler, a pioneer in the application of instructional and performance technologies in organizations, has authored several of the industry's groundbreaking books on performance improvement and training, including his latest, "Serious Performance Consulting." Rummler always seems to have great perspective, and his thoughts on this subject are no different. Rummler counsels that the migration from decentral to centralization has been going on for 40 years. He explains three blocks in the instruction process that come into play in this decision: needs identification, instructional design, and delivery. A well-defined governance process is critical to achieving an effective relationship between business strategy and learning programs. How the organization is structured is just as critical, and several models exist for large companies that have made a shift to centralized training. There are other decisions to make concerning how the governance piece itself is organized.

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Grand Central Training


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