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Insights Into Future Careers

Gallup and Amazon have created the Careers of the Future Index.


Mon Oct 02 2023


The employment market has become increasingly difficult for workers to navigate. In fact, 45 percent of employees and 44 percent of employers surveyed by ResumeBuilder.com found the job market more difficult to navigate than before the pandemic.

The state of the workforce has hit young people the hardest, confirms research from Gallup and Amazon. Further, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, more than one-fifth of 15-year-olds in the US cannot name the career they expect to have by age 30. To adapt to that uncertain future, Gallup and Amazon have created the Careers of the Future Index.


CFI is a public database providing future job seekers with transparent data. It scores all 529 occupations the US Census Bureau uses to classify work. Higher scores on the 100-point scale indicate higher pay, more job openings, or better prospects that an occupation is a viable option in the future despite the changing technological landscape.

"While some jobs might be popular now, they might not be in-demand in a decade, or they could be highly disrupted by new emerging technologies," says Victor Reinoso, Amazon's global director of philanthropic education initiatives. "Our goal is to provide students and career counselors across the country with a way to make informed decisions in a rapidly changing labor market."

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