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Is Recognition the Key?


Mon Oct 02 2023

Is Recognition the Key?

Frequent, authentic recognition can result in a sense of belonging in the workplace.

LinkedIn's 2023 Workforce Report found that the chief diversity and inclusion officer (CDO) role experienced a hiring growth of a staggering 168.9 percent since 2019. Unfortunately, that hiring surge hasn't translated to actual change, according to most US employees in Gallup and Workhuman's 2023 From Appreciation to Equity: How Recognition Reinforces DEI in the Workplace report.


"The vast majority of HR leaders (97 percent) report their organization has made changes to improve DEI, but just over a third of employees (37 percent) say the same of their organization," the report states. "This signals some success stories amid considerable room for improvement."

Employees' lack of confidence in their organizations' commitment to DEI is not unfounded. LinkedIn's research found that executive-level DEI roles began declining in 2022, despite the marked increase of CDO roles in 2020 and 2021.

Among the four C-suite titles with more than 100 percent hiring growth since 2019 (CDO, chief delivery officer, chief people officer, and chief growth officer), CDO was the only one that experienced a hiring decline (totaling 4.5 percent) last year.

To better incorporate DEI thinking in your organization, consider research from Gallup and Workhuman that maintains authentic recognition in the workplace can foster an environment of inclusion, particularly among Black and Hispanic employees. Black employees are 79 percent more likely to thrive when the recognition they receive is authentic. Similarly, Hispanic employees are 69 percent more likely to thrive when they receive genuine recognition. The report stresses that no "magic number" exists for the frequency of recognition, but that repeated and genuine recognition can drive real change.

From Appreciation to Equity also found that workers are five times more likely to feel like they belong when they get authentic recognition; Black and Hispanic employees are seven times as likely to gain a sense of belonging.


Based on the disconnect between how employees and employers view DEI in the workplace and LinkedIn's findings on the lack of opportunities for CDOs, organizations should ensure they are practicing diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.

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