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Landing a KO Punch

Published Mon Aug 01 2005


This article presents information on becoming a good trainer. Trainers should open with a purpose. They also should pack a mean punch: promote enthusiasm, understand participant needs, note rules, clarify expectations, and help others. These tips will make one a top contender for a Training Knock Out. One should make it conducive for learning. The importance of creating rapport and the proper learning environment cannot be overemphasized because they help participants become open to and enthusiastic about the learning event, without getting caught off-guard. More important, one can set the tone for the rest of the training session by what one accomplishes at the beginning tempo of the learning. It should indicate if participants will be moving, sitting, or a combination of the two. For example, if one desires a participative climate, one's opening should put people at ease, including yourself. Without a comfortable structure, participants may be reluctant to get involved. One can also help participants get acquainted by encouraging discussion that deals with attitudes, values, experience, and concerns.

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Landing a KO Punch


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