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Leadership Skills for the Hybrid World

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Mon May 02 2022


Clarity of work and purpose, communication and collaboration, and connection and cohesion—those are qualities present in a healthy team. In a hybrid workplace, those qualities may look somewhat different and require people leaders to have a new mindset, writes Chris Coladonato in "A Guide to Supporting Hybrid Team Leaders." For example, people managers may unknowingly be biased in favor of direct reports who are working in the same manner they are, whether that is on-site or remote. Similarly, team members may socialize with colleagues in the same way.

Talent development professionals can help managers with each of the team qualities.


Clarity. They can educate managers on what a lack of clear purpose looks like and help them build skills to lead one-on-one meetings and provide feedback to assist direct reports with prioritizing work.

Communication and collaboration. With so many online tool options, managers may not know which ones to use to facilitate team performance. Show people leaders that not all communication needs to be synchronous. For example, teams can use Mural or Miro for meeting agendas, ideation and brainstorming, and events and celebrations.

Connections. Maintaining a sense of culture has been a hot topic since working apart became a long-term prospect. Assist managers with building in social opportunities for team members and in connecting direct reports to individuals outside of the team.

These tips were adapted from the May 2022 issue of TD at Work. Learn more at td.org/TDatWork.

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