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Mission Critical

Published Thu Sep 01 2005


This article discusses various issues related to the use of the application of learning management systems (LMSs) in various firms. How an LMS intersects with other systems often dictates how critical it is to a particular organization. But how that LMS interfaces with business processes can be just as important. Indeed, the ability to quickly affect the business culture and processes of a company is something for which the senior executives in many organizations are turning to the LMS to help facilitate. While LMSs are performing important tasks in important companies, not everyone is ready to anoint it as a mission-critical technology. The definition of the importance of an LMS is relative, it seems that more and more organizations will discover critical business functions that their LMS will impact. Whether the technology is considered mission-critical or not, if it increases the strategic value of learning, it increases the value of the learning professional. And that's something all industry professionals should deem "mission-critical."

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Mission Critical


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