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Published Wed Jun 01 2005


The article presents information on the work done by Lori Schreiber, vice president, Employee Development and Learning Services, EMCOR Facilities Services Inc., Tempe, Arizona. Schreiber's early career in white-collar instructional design for such companies as Arthur Andersen and NETg did little to prepare her for her current role as vice president of employee development and learning services for EMCOR Facilities Services, a nationwide company with multiple subsidiaries, client sites and 6,000 employees. Eighty percent of those employees are engaged in hands-on building maintenance. Further, there was no history for learning, either within the new company, which was formed in 2000, or within the industry. Despite the challenges, Schreiber has acquitted herself admirably. In the past four years, since the learning services division was created, she has developed and implemented a company-wide strategic plan to deliver performance improvement solutions, which is supported by a new competency model program that guides the creation of individual development plans and aligns to business needs. Schreiber created the competency models herself, over the course of a year, with the help of subject matter experts.

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