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Published Sat Oct 01 2005


This article focuses on Intel Corp., based in Santa Clara, California. Ron Dickson, knowledge and learning research strategist for Intel Corp., provides benchmarking and research support to Intel's virtual university, which is made up of approximately 60 autonomous training and development groups. One of those groups recently had the opportunity to create a learning solution that had demonstrable results in increased market share and penetration. As Intel has attempted to introduce new Pentium 4 Hyper-Threading PCs into new and emerging markets in Eastern Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, geography and language have been principal barriers. To fill those knowledge gaps in its prospective customer base, the company developed "Intel PC Basics," a free educational product for both sales staff and end users. The product introduces learners to the basics of PC usage, emphasizing how personal computer ownership can make a difference in their lives. The program includes such practical exercises as emailing a digital photo. Salespeople in each country can also download Flash marketing movies and printable material from servers via the Internet or an intranet. The product is available in several languages.

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