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Prioritizing Employee Satisfaction

The best companies to work for focus on work experience and culture.


Mon Apr 01 2024

Prioritizing Employee Satisfaction

A recent Forbes survey reveals that most employees believe their companies are dedicated to curating a people-first culture and giving workers a healthy work-life balance. Those factors—along with flexible work options; mental health resources; upskilling opportunities; diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives; and team recognition programs—help staff to feel valued and appreciated.

Such traits are prevalent throughout Glassdoor's Best Places to Work 2024, a list of 100 employers based on each business's pros and cons from their employees' perspectives. Workers also submit advice for leadership, whether they would recommend their company to a friend, and whether they believe the six-month business outlook is positive or negative. The top organizations boast transparency, flexibility, and career development opportunities for their employees.


"The future of work is being written right now, and workers are holding the pen," writes the Glassdoor team in "Glassdoor's Best Places to Work 2024 Revealed."

To that point, 79 percent of the 1,000 US employees Forbes surveyed prioritized flexible work options as the most important factor in job satisfaction. Sixty-four percent of respondents specified a need for flexible parental leave.

Career development opportunities also play a role for employees. According to Forbes research, the top upskilling resource employees desire is access to learning management systems, which is indicative of workers' preference for more flexible options that enable them to work in a prominently digital environment. Employees also want company-wide training from other departments.

Global consultancy Bain & Company topped the Glassdoor list for the sixth time since 2009, with a 4.8 rating out of 5. NVIDIA, ServiceNow, MathWorks, and Procore Technologies rounded out the top five.

"The key to \[the companies'\] success has been prioritizing employee feedback and acknowledging their thoughts in ways that make them feel supported, heard, and valued," the Glassdoor article adds.


The technology industry made up almost one-third of the list, accounting for 31 of the 100 companies listed. Consulting, finance, and retail finished with 12, 11, and 10 companies, respectively.

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