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Pumping Neurons


Wed Jun 01 2005


The article presents information on several new computer softwares that might boost brainpower. Programs that assert they improve memory, reading ability or speed, and other mental abilities have been on the market for years. But recently released software demonstrates that the technologies are getting more sophisticated and are based on more-rigorous research. The software Play Attention is designed to improve focus and concentration for adults and children with attention deficit disorders. Workers with such conditions may experience problems with organization, task completion and focus. The software's developers, Unique Logic and Technology, say Play Attention can help. The software MyBrainTrainer is billed as the world's first virtual mental gymnasium. The program is accessible online for a minimal fee. One can take the BrainMaster Challenge, a sequence of seven exercises that gives you a "whole-brain workout." One can also choose to work through a 21-day basic training course or complete application-specific brain training. Other site resources include trial-by-trial analyses, the ability to compare one's scores with others', discussion boards, and more.

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Pumping Neurons


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