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Rebuild the People too


Tue Nov 01 2005


The article focuses on the need to train people for jobs along with rebuilding the state of Louisiana after the Hurricane Katrina catastrophe. Michael Olivier, the secretary of economic development for the state of Louisiana, said that they are going to put a great deal of time and effort and money into training. They are going to need a significant workforce to come back and to build anew. The French Quarter or the Garden District in the Big Easy brushed up against the poverty that engulfed portions of New Orleans prior to the Katrina catastrophe. Dozens of rebuilding plans and visions of a renewed city aim to erase, or at least mitigate, those pockets of poverty. Almost all of those plans talk of jobs and to fill those jobs, in many cases, a differently skilled workforce will be necessary. In New Orleans that new workforce--with new skills--is going to be every bit as vital as repaired levees and electricity. Along with building the battered infrastructure in New Orleans, and across the devastated Gulf Coast there is also the need to build the knowledge infrastructure of the state.

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Rebuild the People too


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