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Retention Rx

Published Thu Sep 01 2005


This article presents information on a Web-based resource, aimed at helping companies keep retention rates high, by the company, Talentkeepers. The company has developed Web-based resources that include workplace diagnostic assessments and other support tools for ongoing tracking of progress and performance. Their specialty is more retention system than a simple online learning course. Still, at the core of the Talentkeepers offering is RetentionWorks, a series of 10 electronic learning modules designed to develop retention competencies among managers and leaders. In determining the effectiveness of any online learning program, two dimensions are key: design and content. RetentionWorks does well on both. The course design is intuitive, straightforward, and well conceived. On the content side, program modules include information about a full range of topics from sourcing and selecting qualified people to identifying retention problems and taking preemptive action. Although all of the modules focus on retention, content also is included on such topics as communication, climate, flexibility, and esteem. The information is well balanced between theory and actionable advice.

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Retention Rx


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