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Revolutionizing Job Recruitment

Recruiters have begun using ChatGPT to save time on monotonous tasks and focus on big-picture activities.


Thu Jun 01 2023


The University of Pennsylvania and OpenAI, which created ChatGPT in 2022, found that approximately 80 percent of US workers may have at least 10 percent of their tasks affected by large language models (LLMs), also known as text probability software. The study also found that when using an LLM, workers could complete 15 percent of their tasks "significantly faster" with the same quality.

Recruiters have already begun using ChatGPT, an LLM, to save time on monotonous tasks and focus on big-picture activities that can't be automated. The tool is trained to generate human-like responses, such as candidate outreach messages and recruitment marketing content.


Companies like Stafi, which provides remote staffing solutions, regularly use ChatGPT. Tomas Alberio, Stafi's project manager and director of operations, says the tool helps the company's recruitment team create engaging and informative job descriptions.

The technology also helps assess possible candidates by creating a list of interview questions and summarizing resumes, enabling recruiters to make quick recommendations to hiring managers. Users can even ask ChatGPT what current candidates' expectations are for their employers, giving companies a better idea of what they need to do to attract top talent.

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