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Slack-splaining is over-explaining digital communications to make sure recipients don't misunderstand.


Tue Nov 01 2022


You get a simple instant message from a co-worker that sends your brain into overdrive, questioning how you should respond and whether you should add emojis or a couple of exclamation points.

According to a survey by communication platform Loom, you're not alone in overthinking. Of the more than 3,000 office workers in the US and UK polled, half said they regularly overthink emails and messages they send at work. Loom calls it slack-splaining, which is "over-explaining digital communications to ensure they aren't misunderstood." It adds an unnecessary extra layer of stress to your workday and literally costs your employer money.


Workers add extra sentences, punctuation, and emojis to ensure they clearly communicate their message. Still, 91 percent of polled workers said they've had work messages misinterpreted. That extra time spent overexplaining costs companies $128 billion each year.

Loom CEO Joe Thomas suggests determining the right platform to convey your message before you send a note. If you feel the need to use emojis to get your point across, a face-to-face interaction or a video call may work better. Find the style and communication mediums that make your work environment as enjoyable as possible.

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