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The New Brain Drain


Wed Jun 01 2005


The article discusses the brain drain that is occurring in the U.S. as a result of workplace trends and demographic trends, and the role that human resource development (HR) and workplace learning and performance (WLP) professionals can play in reducing the loss of knowledge. Author and researcher David DeLong of MIT's AgeLab, said that information technology's (IT's) impact was having a strong formative effect on the amount and type of knowledge that one generates at work. When combined with the reality of demographic trends that indicate the looming dimensions of babyboomer retirement from the workforce, as well as many mid-career transitions for Generation X, the end result is massive quantities of invaluable, irreplaceable, specialized knowledge that is walking out employers' doors every day. Fortunately, there's much that can be done to retain organizational knowledge and HR and WLP professionals can play leading roles in equipping their organizations to do so. Rather than a programmatic approach, DeLong proposes a comprehensive solution that involves multiple initiatives and advocates beginning with a hard scan of the organization.

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The New Brain Drain


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