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Published Sat Oct 01 2005


This article reports that the University of Southern Mississippi's Jack and Patti Phillips Workplace Learning and Performance Institute (WLPI), Mississippi's community colleges, the U.S. Department of Labor, and industry partners are piloting the Geospatial Technology Apprenticeship Program. This program allows geospatial apprentices to build competencies and earn a nationally recognized credential, Geospatial Specialist, issued by the U.S. Department of Labor. The WLPI serves as a research and outreach institute for best practices in workplace learning and performance. It offers students practical application opportunities through its Master of Science Workforce Training and Development (MSWTD) degree program delivered in an executive format. This blended delivery provides students the opportunity to complete the degree from anywhere in the United States. The emphasis of the MSWTD program is to define and design training and noninstructional interventions that can improve performances at the employee, work-process, and organizational levels. In addition to offering academic programs, the WLPI engages in competency model and accountability research and development. Modern technology surrounding the geospatial industry is the catalyst for those new inventions.

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