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Training You Can Bank On

Amanda Arikpo has developed and successfully launched numerous bankwide training programs.


Fri Oct 04 2019

Training You Can Bank On

Amanda Arikpo


Director of L&D


Century Bank


Medford, Massachusetts



Favorite Quote

"Know what sparks the light in you so that you, in your own way, can illuminate the world." —Oprah Winfrey

After spending four years as a teller and in other roles at Santander Bank, Amanda Arikpo transitioned into L&D as a facilitator training retail branch positions. She moved to Century Bank two years ago, where she has developed and successfully launched numerous bankwide training programs, including new-hire platform training; new-hire teller training; consumer loan training; leadership, coaching, and management training; and customer experience training.

How can learning contribute to the success of the bank industry?

As with most industries, change is happening quickly and is inevitable in banking. How we react to these changes is going to define our success. Keeping our associates educated on current industry trends and changes will allow them to feel empowered as financial professionals, which in turn will help to provide a better experience for our customers.

What resources do you see the bank industry using to provide professional development to employees?

One of the most important pieces to understand is how the associates want to be developed and what their motivational drivers are. I gather this information by getting to know our associates through training, in-person feedback sessions, and attending meetings in different departments. With this feedback, we have been able to implement professional development through a variety of methods, such as online and in-classroom learning, job shadowing, mentorship, and cross-training.

How do you see L&D changing in your industry during the next few years?

As we start to see a shift in how customers are transacting their business, we are going to see a change in what type of training is necessary. Systems, solutions, and trends in the industry are constantly evolving, and training will need to do the same to stay relevant. I anticipate more virtual training and additional methods of delivery to cater to all generations currently in the workforce.

What's the importance you place on being active as a training professional?

Being engaged, visible, and active with leadership across the company has been critical in building not only my personal brand but also my team brand. This means having a consistent communication routine, attending meetings to help identify learning gaps, and working together to develop plans to address these gaps. It also means getting to know every associate and taking the time to understand what they need to help them grow professionally.

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