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Upping Your Personal Brand

Understand and communicate where you’re the go-to expert.


Mon Jul 01 2019

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Understand and communicate where you're the go-to expert.

"Others' perceptions influence your professional success," writes Ora Shtull in "Stand Out: Boost Your Personal Brand." How do you know how others perceive you, and how do you present yourself so that others perceive you the way you want them to?


Your personal brand is what makes you unique and includes your values, passions, "superpowers," and even your quirks, Shtull explains. You may think you understand what that is, but you'll have a better understanding by asking yourself, and others, what adjectives describe you and what people seek you out for.

You can reinforce your brand by speaking up in meetings and asking questions. Consider developing a branded question that you consistently ask, such as "What are other companies doing?" or "What do we stand to lose if we don't act?"

Once you know your personal brand and practice it regularly, you can hone it.

First, identify your expertise—the convergence of your passion, aspiration, and commitment. In other words, something that excites you, is relevant to your work and will help you advance, and that you are dedicated to staying current in.

You can showcase your expertise by sharing it, such as via the company intranet or in a publication; delivering a presentation on the topic, perhaps during a lunch & learn; or mentoring others in that area.


These tips were adapted from the July 2019 issue of TD at Work.

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