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Weighing In - September 2019

What are your favorite facilitation tips and strategies?


Tue Sep 03 2019


Leveraging the collective knowledge of the learners in class to promote engagement—if there's a question from one student, ask if any other students in the room have the answer. That way the students are learning from each other while you are facilitating the process.

—Sarah Nell-Rodriquez, Seattle, Washington


Tailor it to the group or individual appropriately. Training should be evolving, dynamic, and applied in the most concise and efficient manner while empowering trainees to understand the importance and available resources to continue self-enrichment long after your training session with them is over.

—Stephen Taylor, Atlanta, Georgia

Depending on the topic, I use a conversational style with real-world examples and relevant stories to allow feedback. I find it helps the group answer the questions of each other because it starts a conversation. Half the time, I don't even need to be there other than to direct late arrivers to the coffee and keep the discussion from veering into oblivion.

—Amanda Carpenter, Detroit, Michigan

I think a lot about energy. The facilitator has hidden powers to influence the energy in the room and identify when that energy needs to change. Being in tune with yourself and the participants allows you to drive engagement for all.


—Sarah Smart, Vancouver, Canada

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