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Year-End Reflection

Editor-in-Chief Vanessa St. Gerard discusses what to expect in the December 2018 issue of TD magazine.


Mon Dec 03 2018


As we approach the end of the year, there likely will be the customary workplace conversations about end-of-year goals as well as goal-setting for the coming year. And as the holidays come and go and the new year arrives, there may be rumblings of the oft-dreaded New Year's resolutions that sometimes include professional objectives.

Need some ideas? Given that we cover so many topics and trends in every issue of TD, I'm sure that many readers can find inspiration in at least one of this month's articles. For example, Quick Tips may spark managers to learn more about conducting difficult conversations with their employees. The infographic in the Intelligence section also is manager-focused. Take the presented data about employee views on managers to internalize whether you're unknowingly in the "bad boss" category—and then do something to change that.


Another professional development goal could be identifying your strengths to improve your career, which is the focus of the Career GPS article. If you're interested in dipping your toe in the mobile app pool, take a look at Learning Blueprint, which provides guidelines on integrating mobile apps into a training curriculum. And if your training department is short on funds for next year, you may find value in Success With Less. It presents six budget-friendly tips that prove effective for understanding and retaining your learning audience.

That's just a slice of the content in this issue. There's much more to pique your interest.

Even so, it wouldn't be fair for me to prompt you to think about goals without also doing some reflection of my own. We recently completed a readership survey that provided insights on your likes, suggestions, and challenges. So, among the TD magazine team's goals for next year will be to take your feedback and use it to continually improve the content. You don't have to wait until the next survey to share your thoughts, however; we're always available at [email protected].

See you in 2019.

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