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10 Proven Strategies for Taking Your Career to the Next Level and Bringing Your Chapter Alongside You

Published Fri Nov 04 2022


As chapter leaders, we often volunteer to give back, but have we taken the time to understand what we hope to achieve in our own professional development? It is easy to forget that through ATD volunteerism, there is also something in it for us. Opportunities abound to develop our network and move out of our comfort zone. Don't let your chapter leadership term pass you by; now is the time to harness the power of the opportunities in front of you. Learn how you can elevate your chapter's CARE status and success measures by investing in your own leadership potential. This session will highlight 10 proven strategies from two two-term chapter presidents through storytelling and participant contribution. You will meet new chapter leaders with purpose, coach one another on intention setting, and trade stories on the impact that this volunteer experience can have on your life.

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