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7 Simple Rules for Creating Presentation Slides That Make Sense (M208)


Thu Nov 09 2017


'What's your point?' Way too often we look at presentation slides and ask (or at least think of) that question. And some of those slides might be our own (yikes!). Presentations have become our visual voice---the way we communicate visually. Yet we continually see slides that are laden with words, images, and data, but have no clue what the slides are saying. Whether we're presenting to an executive team or newly hired employees, our slides need to clearly, visually communicate to help the audience see our point. How can we create slides that clearly communicate our message without confusing our audience? This session entwines brain science with easy-to-use rules for designing presentation slides that help learners and audience members see your point. In small and large group activities, we'll discuss, demonstrate, and apply each rule to sample slides donated by the audience or even your own slides.

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