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7 Steps To Become an Engagement Role Model for Employees

Published Wed Jun 29 2016


Are You Practicing What You Preach? Employee engagement is a very individual experience where "one size does not fit all." As a manager—because you know each and every one of your employees—you play a major role in creating the conditions for your employees to choose to establish the relationships and connections to the business and its purpose known as engagement. Are you engaged? Have you asked yourself how your employees become engaged? Do you ever think about your role as a manager in the engagement of your employees? Have you considered how effective you are as an engagement role model for your employees? If you are wondering about these questions, then this webcast is for you! Remember that someone is always looking. Join us to learn about: - 7 facts and myths about your role as an engagement role model. - 7 characteristics of an engagement role model. - 7 steps to become a more effective engagement role model for your employees.

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