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A Deep Dive Into Agile: Iterative Development


Wed Jan 24 2018


Successive approximation, rapid prototyping, iterative development, Agile project management; they all call for frequent, intentional iterations. With each iteration you take a product into to the world and gather new input to make the next iteration better. What does this do to our old friend ADDIE? How do you choose what to iterate? When do you stop iterating? How do you convince your project sponsors and SMEs to go along? In this session, we'll take a deep dive into the Agile practice of developing in short iterations. From discussing the concept with your sponsors, clients, and SMEs to planning the trajectory of your project, you'll have an opportunity to learn from actual case studies, share ideas with colleagues, and make plans for your own work. Specifically, examples will be drawn from projects run using LLAMA (the Lot Like Agile Methods Approach; Agile project management developed specifically for instructional design and development projects). You'll explore a number of different iteration approaches, what to do with information gathered at each cycle, and pitfalls to avoid. This session was recorded at the ATD 2018 TechKnowledge conference in San Jose, California.

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