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ATD Book Talk With Sharon Boller and Laura Fletcher on Design Thinking for Training and Development

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Thu Aug 27 2020


Design thinking is making its way into training and development as practitioners shift their thinking away from training events to learning experiences. Join Sharon Boller and Laura Fletcher, authors of the new ATD Press book Design Thinking for Training and Development, for an overview of key concepts from the book followed by a virtual author chat about how principles from design thinking can help talent development professionals create meaningful learning experiences. The authors will set the stage with an overview of their four principles and the LXD framework they’ve crafted. These principles are the cornerstones for integrating design thinking techniques into the design of learning experiences. The authors will then move into a moderated discussion focused on how design thinking can help guide the creation of learning journeys. There will also be opportunities for attendees to ask questions and share their own experiences with design thinking. This discussion will bring value to those who have already read Design Thinking for Training and Development as well as those who are new to Learning Experience Design.

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