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Build Your Resilience: Six Strategies to Help You Stay Afloat Throughout a Crisis


Thu Jun 11 2020


Resilience is the capacity not only to survive life's challenges but to learn and grow from them. While stress, trauma, adversity, and dramatic change are rarely welcome, your personal resilience enables you to find a way to move beyond the challenge and toward a stronger self. Using the concept of biomimicry, this program offers you six tips we learn from nature about how to stay afloat in challenging times. You may have heard the saying, “Let it roll off you, like water off a duck’s back,” but did you know that ducks aren’t always waterproof? Yes, even a duck can drown. This program will help you: · Identify key characteristics that enable resilience. · Explore how to develop resilience in yourself and others. · Discover the simple and memorable Stay Afloat model.

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