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Can Computers Teach You To Think And Care?

Published Tue Apr 02 2013


Fact: In 2011, organizations spent $156 billion on workforce learning programs. Fact: Employees of Fortune Global 500 companies clock an average of around 34 learning hours per year. Fact: You are faced with making major decisions to get the most out of all your training efforts. Given all that time and money, shouldn't you take your decisions as seriously as doctors, engineers, and others who are required to use research to do their jobs safely and efficiently? The Evidence-Based Learning Virtual Conference will show you how! Join researchers and practitioners for a full day of the latest evidence in adult learning. You'll also get solid advice for translating the evidence into your own arsenal of best practices, from the practitioner's perspective, as well as the researcher's. Expert presenters include Ruth Colvin Clark, Will Thalheimer, Karl Kapp, David Merrill, Susanne Lajoie, and Robert Atkinson. This is a first-time, one-of-a-kind web event, not to be missed!

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