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Coaching with a Global Mindset

Published Thu Jun 05 2014


A Global Mindset is one of the foundational competencies of the ASTD Competency Model for the training and development profession. The model redefines the skills and knowledge required for trainers to be successful now and in the future. This foundational competency captures the concept of globalization along with the Coaching Area of Expertise. What does it mean to coach with a global mindset? This webinar will develop a foundation for understanding what coaching is and how culture influences the coaching process. Participants will harvest the creative potential generated when people who think and act differently come together. In today's interconnected and interdependent global workplace, it is vital to shift paradigms from cross-cultural to intercultural to inclusiveness. By doing so, we build bridges across the cultural, linguistic, generational, and gender divides found when working across national boundaries, organizational boundaries, and the boundaries created by different disciplines and educational backgrounds. Participants will be able to: \* Define coaching, the complexity of culture, and cultural preferences. \* Describe the characteristics of a coach with a global mindset. \* Develop the ability to leverage cultural preferences and shift perspectives in a multicultural context. \* Demonstrate how to be more attuned to intercultural environments by applying the "pace, space, and embrace" model of the four R principles: respect, relationships, recognition, and rewards. This research was the basis of Maureen Bridget Rabotin's book Culture Savvy: Working and Collaborating Across the Globe (ASTD 2011).

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