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Creating a Culture of Accountability in Healthcare

Published Wed Sep 30 2015


True and sustainable accountability cannot be imposed on others through regulations, protocols, or management edicts. Real accountability comes from within each person and reflects individual values and purpose. It’s a choice. Creating a culture where this kind of accountability is the norm doesn’t happen by chance. It requires intentional effort to develop the skill of accountability in each of your employees. They need to be able to: -Take ownership of their responsibilities. -Show initiative to produce key results. -Tackle high-stakes situations by using all of their 28 relational strengths. In this webinar, Michael Patterson will explain how healthcare organizations can elevate their performance by creating a proactive culture of accountability using a proven behavior-change method that integrates people, performance, and process. In the end, you’ll see what it takes to get people to want to be accountable and create sweeping changes in your culture.

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