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Creating a High Performance Organization Using the Ultimate Development Toolbox


Mon Feb 24 2014


Helping our organizations deliver outstanding business results, while contributing to the skill development and career management of others, is our biggest thrill as training and development professionals. This session will describe how to connect four popular T&D industry tools to create the ultimate development toolbox. Using these tools together creates an airtight organizational commitment to development. You will build better leaders and increase your organization's talent bench by retaining your best, most engaged teammates. While development of others and their teams is our noble cause and solemn obligation, we also need to manage our own career development and grow our T&D groups into high-performance teams. Understanding high-performance principles, and knowing how to market yourself using the same tools as Nike, Apple, and Coca Cola, will help you advance your own career—and your team's reputation—faster than you ever imagined. Learn how easy it is to: 1. Create an airtight organizational commitment to development programs. 2. Develop your career to market and sell your own authentic "accomplishment brand." 3. Create a high-performance team using eight time-tested, research-validated skills that unleash the power embedded in the universal human desire to achieve. Learning Transfer Will Be Enhanced when you: 1. Conduct a "What? So What? Now What?" content quick-review during the program. 2. Design a customized "One Thing" development plan. This guides you through the creation of a comprehensive self-development plan for your career.

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