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Creating a Winning Culture Through Conscious Accountability

Published Thu Nov 02 2023


You don’t have to choose between being the hard-charging task master and being the easy-going people pleaser. Through Conscious Accountability, Yale faculty, psychologists, and leadership consultant David C. Tate, invite you to think about yourself and your working relationships more completely and integrate a practice of conscious accountability in your daily life. A forward-thinking approach to realizing organizational and team goals, conscious accountability can help you move beyond traditional ways of engaging with your employees, team members, and peers. The impact will be transformative.To help you develop the skills and the mindsets of conscious accountability, this interactive session will have you working with a straightforward and powerful CONNECT framework that gives you the tools you need to better relate to everyone in your professional (and personal) life, build trust, and motivate yourself and your colleagues for greater outcomes. Step up your game by following the seven practices of conscious accountability—creating clarity, opening up engagement, nailing it, noticing, exchanging feedback, claiming it, and trying again. You will connect more closely to others, put people in a position to succeed, elevate and distinguish yourself, and generate excellence everywhere you turn.

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