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Ever Wonder Why . . . SQUIRREL!: Hacking the Brain to Increase Focus and Creativity

Published Mon May 07 2018


Do you often sit down to design a program with a looming deadline, only to get distracted by emails, your phone, or a squirrel? Maybe your manager has asked you shorten a workshop, or a client has asked you to develop new ways to deliver your learning program. Are you expected to be both innovative and focused? Allow the speakers to help you maximize your hours by helping you understand your brain's functions. Using neuroscience, this session will help you enhance focus and creativity for yourself and your leaders. The speakers will share research and real-life strategies about the attention and default mode networks. Known for making neuroscience accessible to nonscience learners, the speakers will engage you in reflective and interactive exercises and leave you with specific takeaways that help you increase focus and encourage the development of creative solutions.

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