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Exploring the ATD23 Expo, TD for Good, and Puppies with Bridget Dunn


Mon Apr 17 2023


The On the Road to ATD23 video series gives you a behind-the-scenes look at what ATD23 is all about. In this video, fellow ATDer and Associate Director for Conference Programming, Bridget Dunn, discusses what you should see on the Expo Floor, how talent development professionals can give back to their community with TD for Good, and of course, puppies! Check it out! If you’re ready to create a world that works better, then visit our website at atdconference.td.org to register and find out more about this year's conference. We'll see you in San Diego! Topics covered in this video: Bridget's involvement with ATD's International Conference and Expo What to see on the Expo Floor TD for Good Advice for Conference Attendees Connect with Bridget Dunn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bridget-dunn-3412a810/ ATD Conference: https://www.atdconference.td.org ATD Website: https://www.td.org

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