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How Improv Training Addresses the Soft Skills Gap


Wed May 24 2017


Ever feel like your workforce could use a boost in soft skills? You're not the only one! A recent study by Adecco Staffing reveals 44 percent of executives surveyed said a lack of soft skills was the biggest proficiency gap they saw in the workforce. Improv training isn't just for actors, it is for professionals who want to strengthen their communication, collaboration, and agility. It's simple; improv is a team-based performance art where performers work together to create scenes based on audience suggestions. Nothing is planned, so the key is to listen carefully, contribute ideas freely and effectively, and remain adaptable to change. Sound familiar? The competencies for successful improv are the same skills needed for the successful organization. In this session, you will experience the benefits of improv training and learn how to implement it to drive results.

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