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How Modern Sales Enablement Leads to True Sales and Marketing Alignment


Wed Aug 26 2020


Sales content management is critical for those who want to create a selling environment where reps use all that their marketing team creates for them. However, salespeople need more than simple collateral recommendations—they also need learning content to understand how others effectively use that collateral. Modern sales content management builds stronger alignment between marketing and sales by giving marketers a tool to maintain better presence among the sales team as well as provide a new level of context to their content recommendations. This may include crowdsourcing messaging ideas from the sales force, getting direct feedback from prospects on content, or highlighting key talking points for various content topics, among others. Join this live webcast to learn effective strategies to accelerate modern sales and marketing alignment using the tools available today. During this webcast, you will learn how to: - Strengthen your sales enablement initiatives using the latest alignment strategies. - Provide sales with the best content and context to present to their customers. - Solicit feedback from reps to share experiences and best practices with the rest of the team.

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