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Insider Speaking Tips From a TEDx Speaker Coach


Sun May 06 2018


What is it about TED Talks that inspire millions around the world one idea at a time? And how can we apply that secret sauce to our meetings, workshops, or presentations? In this session, you will get a behind-the-scenes look at how a 10-18 minute talk is made. Hear about the evolution of talks, how they develop, who influences them, and perhaps laugh at a few challenges speakers encounter along the way. Leave this session knowing the number one reason a talk (or presentation) succeeds or fails. Learn the best way to win over your audience, whether it's on a stage, across a board room table, or at a networking event. And finally, understand how to practically prepare for those opportunities. While you may never stand in the spotlight on the iconic TED red rug, your ideas (and how well you present them) matter. Walk away with practical tips you can apply in your job tomorrow.

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