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Introducing the CHAMPIONS Framework for Next Generation Learning and Performance


Wed Jan 13 2016


From the TechKnowledge 2016 Conference: The world of training and development has changed. Today's technologies provide new features that can be used in learning and development that were simply not available in the days when training was done in classrooms with instructors and three-ring binders. But making sense of these new features, and the opportunities they provide, can be a challenge. In this session you will examine these features in the context of nine high-level categories: contextual, high-speed, ambient, mobile, personal, interactive, open, networked, and social. You will explore how these categories-which form the acronym CHAMPIONS-represent the expanded range of possibilities provided by today's digital learning technologies. You will discuss how this framework can be used to leverage technology to improve worker performance and enhance your learning and development strategy for years to come.

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