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Keep It Quick, Make It Stick! Experience 6 Accelerated Activities in 60 Minutes


Tue May 08 2018


Trainers have a limited amount of time to deliver a lot of content, and need to create meaningful activities that both get the point across and accelerate learning. This session asks participants to roll up their sleeves and participate as volunteers, experience the activities, debrief the learning, and decide how they can apply each activity to the specific content they deliver in their training course. The session delivers six experiential activities with debrief and discussion. Whether you are a master trainer or new to the profession, there is something here for you to experience. The activities can be adapted to face-to-face or virtual training, and you'll get a worksheet with directions as well as a chance to give and get feedback on how you will apply what you experience. Come to laugh and learn in a fast-paced hour!

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